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Media Freedom


SANEF recognises the critical importance of a free media in South Africa, where the press was once muzzled.

The purpose of the committee is twofold. It serves as both a watchdog and a mediator on matters pertaining to media freedom. Such is the power and importance of a free press that it is often an early target when a nation’s broader democracy comes under attack.

One of SANEF’s key campaigns is Media Freedom Day, the annual anniversary of October 19, 1977. On that day, apartheid-era Justice Minister Jimmy Kruger outlawed three newspapers:  the World, the Weekend World and the Voice. During the ensuing struggle for democracy, journalists were frequently harassed and imprisoned for doing their jobs and the press was restricted by authorities in many other ways.

Today, SANEF is steadfast in its efforts to raise awareness about media freedom and to do its part to ensure that the South African media remains truly free.

It you are interested in joining the committee please contact the committee chair and deputy chair:

Mary Papayya – [email protected]

Pieter du Toit – [email protected]