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Media Freedom


SANEF acknowledges the paramount significance of a liberated media in South Africa, where the press was formerly silenced.

The committee operates with a dual purpose: as a vigilant overseer and a conciliator concerning issues surrounding media freedom. The potency and significance of an unshackled press make it an early target when the broader democracy of a nation is under threat.

A cornerstone initiative of SANEF is Media Freedom Day, commemorating the pivotal date of October 19, 1977. This marked the banning of three newspapers— the World, the Weekend World, and the Voice—by apartheid-era Justice Minister Jimmy Kruger. Throughout the subsequent struggle for democracy, journalists faced frequent harassment and imprisonment for carrying out their duties, while the press encountered various restrictions imposed by authorities.

]Presently, SANEF remains unwavering in its commitment to raise awareness about media freedom and to contribute significantly to preserving the genuine freedom of the South African media.

If you are interested in joining this committee, please contact the committee chair:

Makhudu Sefara – [email protected]