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Stephen Wrottesley

Winner of the 2019 Award

SANEF is happy to announce that the winner of the award for 2019 is Izak Minnaar for his tireless commitment to SANEF.

Izak has dedicated his life to media freedom policy and regulatory issues and was a champion behind SANEF’s election programme for 2019.

About the Award

Stephen Wrottesley was the chief of staff for Independent Newspapers, a respected journalist and one of Sanef’s founding members. He died in hospital after a fatal car accident in Cape Town in 2003 at the age of 47.

Stephen Wrottesley

Wrottesley was the former news editor of the Cape Argus and had achieved renown as a top crime reporter with the Cape Argus. He was a past recipient of the Stellenbosch Farmers’ Winery Journalism Award for his reporting on illegal whaling. He was instrumental in the formation of the South African National Editors’ Forum and was a member of its executive committee for a number of years.

Previous recipients of the Sanef-Wrottelesy Award

2019 – Izak Minnaar

2018 – Amina Frense

2017 – Paula Fray

2016 – No winner

2015 – Judy Sandison

2014 – Gavin Steward

2013 – Nic Dawes

2012 – Juanita Williams

2011 – Hopewell Radebe

2010 – Raymond Louw

2009 – Mathatha Tsedu

2008 – Raymond Louw

2007 – Mary Papayya

2006 – Joe Thloloe

2005 – Raymond Louw

The Sanef-Wrottesley Award, a peer recognition award, is presented to a Sanef member for extraordinary commitment to work towards the achievement of the association’s goals. Any member in good standing may submit a nomination and short motivation to the Sanef Management Committee. The winner will be awarded a framed certificate and financial token.

Sanef invites members to email their nominations for the Sanef-Wrottesley Award to Sanef. Please email your nominations to . Please contact us for further information.

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