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Learn about ongoing SANEF projects and programmes


Media Ethics and Credibility

On 24 June SANEF launched an independent inquiry into media ethics and credibility issues. We appointed a panel headed by a retired judge. Please see our press statement attached and please see the Inquiry’s terms of reference attached.

Disinformation Campaign

  • With the generous assistance of Ogilvy, SANEF managed to run a series of public service announcements to publicise the importance of the media during elections, focus on the importance of the safety of journalists and counteracting misinformation/ disinformation and “fake news”.
  • SANEF  also recorded a series of public service announcements emphasising about the importance of freedom of expression, quality journalism, the safety of journalists and countering disinformation and “fake news”.

Elections Programme

  • SANEF launched its elections portal for the 2019 elections period. And compiled a number of important documents including SANEF’s elections manual for journalists, a Safety Toolkit designed by the Committee to Protect Journalists specifically for the South African elections and a host of other training materials and links to useful resources.
  • SANEF also managed to organise 12 workshops across the country and train 372 journalists. The purpose of the workshops were to educate and train journalists about the role of the media during elections and covered ethics and credibility issues; the coverage of political parties and dealing with political pressure.
  • SANEF also launched a reporting tool for journalists to report on threats and/or intimidation during the 2019 Elections Period.