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Credibility Of Journalism

Full View Anchor Tsepiso Makwetla dealt with some of the issues discussed at the “credibility of Journalism” panel discussion at the Goethe Institute.

Over the last decade, the face of journalism has changed in significant and dramatic ways. Newsrooms have become smaller, digital media has become the first port of call for keeping up with the latest stories and the rise of dis and misinformation poses potentially the greatest threat to media credibility and our democracy.

In the panel,  the Independent Inquiry into Media Credibility and Ethics led by retired judge Kathleen Satchwell, was represented by commissioner Nikiwe Bikitsha. Ms Bikitsha is a panellist in the Inquiry together with Rich Mkhondo. Listen to her views about the purpose of the inquiry and why it is essential to the country’s state of the credibility of journalism could be taken forward.

Please find the terms of reference of the Inquiry here.

Read Sanef’s submission to the Inquiry here:

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