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Joint Statement by Sanef and National Lotteries Commission Following Statements on “State Security Agency Investigating Journalists”

10 December 2018

The South African National Editors’ Forum (SANEF) and the National Lotteries Commission (NLC) met on Friday 7 December to discuss reports in the media that NLC was asking the State Security Agency to investigate journalists around breaches to their information systems.


The NLC shared the background and context to the alarming statement made by Board Chairperson Prof Alfred Nevhutanda during a parliamentary presentation.


The NLC stated that they were unequivocally committed to freedom of expression, access to information and freedom of the media and clarified that they had no intention to investigate journalists but they were instead investigating breaches to their information systems.


The NLC also stated that they would like to have an in-depth briefing with journalists as early as next week to explain in detail their grant making systems. SANEF also requests that the NLC or any other party take up individual complaints or issues with media titles with individual editors and if that fails then they can always approach the different regulatory bodies.


For more information please contact:

Janet Heard – SANEF Western Cape Regional Convener

078 041 9528

Ndivuho Mafela – NLC head of Stake holder Relations, Marketing and Communications

082 737 8370