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Sanef clarifies position

In light of recent discussions on SANEF’s statement on the purchase of the Independent Group, we wish to clarify our position.
As print, broadcast and digital news professionals, we welcome new investment in South Africa’s media. A diverse and robust media is critical to the health of our democratic environment and is central to Sanef’s vision. However, and equally transparency and public accountability should be the underlying principles that govern all investments.

We welcome Dr Iqbal Surve’s stated commitment to transparency about his partners in this important investment in South Africa’s media, and his plans for the Independent group. SANEF also welcomes public participation in an informed discussion about the future of this critically important news organisation and diversity in media ownership more broadly. While we will not be pursuing formal engagement with the Competition Commission, we look forward to further discussion with Dr Surve and other stakeholders on these matters.
4 June 2013