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Africa Check’s Coronavirus Fact-checks Portal

South Africans at the OR International Airport wear musks in a bid to prevent contracting Coronavirus                Photo: by Themba Sepotokele


Africa Check has established its own fact-checking portal to combat the spreading of misinformation.

The global spread of Covid-19 disease has led to unprecedented measures around the world. When there is a health crisis, misinformation can also spread quickly. As a result, Africa Check has been busy fact-checking viral WhatsApp messages, Facebook posts, tweets and news articles in recent weeks. The partner organisation has undertaken to continue to do so as long as there is a need for accurate information during this difficult time.

Click here to access the portal.

Africa Check has grouped fact-checks into six broad categories, which are alphabetically sorted.

They will be adding more categories – and checks – as they encounter them.

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Many people may feel helpless during this time, especially if they are working from home or self-isolating. But Africa Check can all help combat false and misleading information about the novel coronavirus.

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